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For many charity organisations the annual ball presents one of the biggest fundraising opportunities of the year. As the organiser, the pressure on you can be immense. Not only will venues, caterers and entertainers etc need to be engaged, but you will, no doubt, be expected to come up with a novel and unique programme of events to excite your guests and patrons. Couple this with the added pressure of financial targets the last thing you need to worry about is how the evening will progress and what comes next. On the contrary you deserve to sit back an enjoy the results of you hard work.

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Event  Host, 

Auctioneer &  More

Not only will I manage the timetable but will act as the anchorman, providing the link between the other professionals involved. My light hearted style in the past has made me a popular and natural compere, capitalising on all of the fundraising opportunities.

I will not only take care of the raffle presentation, but I am also an experienced live auctioneer, ensuring that the auction is both entertaining and profitable. I can also assist you with other fundraising activities, such as silent auctions & brochures, online bidding and prize sourcing. Why not pick up the phone to find out how I can help make your event a huge success? 

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